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Mukeish Work

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Mukesh work is a metallic embroidery work done with a special thin flattened metallic thread. It is originally from the region Lucknow in India (State of Uttar Pradesh). The work looks as if small metal pieces are embedded in the fabric.

The original way the Mukeish work is done by traditional craftsmen of India is very laborious. Metal wire is flattened and this is then used to embroider on the fabric.

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At one point in time, real gold and silver metals were used to do this work. Today you can buy flattened metallic plate (a flattened shiny laminated film in different widths) for this. And it is to be used along with a special flat needle, that will keep the flat plate thread intact. 

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There are 2 ways Mukeish work is used to embellish fabric – It can be done exclusively ie chiffon and georgette fabric is embroidered entirely with this work. Next way is to use the work to enhance the look of an embroidery embellished garment. Mukesih work is usually used along with Chikankari work. The metallic thread gives the simple chikan work a special lustrous look.  Bridal trousseaus with full-on chikan work and Mukeish work is fit for the royals. 

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The most common design in Mukeish embroidery is to work the metal pieces as small dots. These are used as an outline of the design. When this is done all over a plain fabric the fabric shines. Mukeish work done this way is very time consuming and labor intensive and hence very expensive.

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789 club sòng bài trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập
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