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Fishbone Stitch : A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn how to do fishbone stitch
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The fish bone stitch consists of a number of slanted diagonal stitches made inside two imaginary parallel lines.It is  great filling stitch, especially for leaves as it leaves a center spine ( it is called the midrib, I suppose) just like what we have on the leaf

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You can work it close together or spaced, depending on where you place the needle after the first stitch is made.If you place the needle close to the previous stitch the work will turn out to be closed together , like a diagonally done satin stitch.  

How to do the fish bone stitch

Step 1

Draw the parallel lines. You can also imagine the lines and work. 

Step 2

Start from the left side (1) – Make a slanting stitch upwards towards the rightside of the center of the two lines

Take up the thread a little to the left at (3). Make slanting stitch to the right straight across point 1

Step 3

Continue making the slanting diagonal stitches upwards. 

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789 club sòng bài trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập
Author: Sarina Tariq
Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.
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