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Cottage Core Fashion Style : Clothes to dress in this aesthetic

What is cottage core aesthetic in fashion? Clothes that should be included, Accessories/shoes, colors and other details in this clothing style.
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Gen Zee kids add core to everything. My daughter even branded me as Hitler-core when I gave her time out. Today there are so many cores in lifestyle and fashion. And believe me, Cottage core is one of the better ones.

This was a very popular trend in the 2018, and it started as a means of escaping from the stressful modern life in favor of idyllic, calm, and peaceful country life, and it continues in popularity till now.

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Cottage core is more of a way of life than only about fashion, just like a lot of other fashion aesthetics. It is all about enjoying a simple life in terms of day-to-day activities and clothing. Many associate cottage core to life in a dream village where every simple and wholesome aspect of country life is enjoyed – a return to the roots.

You may have heard of this as the ‘country style ‘ or ‘farmhouse style’ in home decor. You can learn more about the cottage core aesthetics in home decor

How to know if you appreciate cottage core style, let alone want to follow it?

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I have a simple test with some questions

🍄Do you like freshly made home made bread and regularly bake it yourself?

🍄 Do you love making handmade utilities including soaps, patchwork quilts, herbal remedies ?

🍄Do you like the vibe of the fairy tale books?

🍄Do you look at pictures of cozy English cottages in envy whenever you are near a home decor website or book? Do you wish to live like the Hobbit or a globlin with a cottage in a meadow with the woods in the background?

🍄 Do you find yourself buying toil printed cups and saucers and also decor with mushroom and butterfly imagery?

If all your answers are yes and you have confirmed that cottage core is your thing, would you like to follow the fashion aesthetics associated with it ? But this maynot be as simple as the other elements of it.

For one, it is difficult to get the clothes that represent this style. But the positive thing is that you can curate the look and come up with your own style which is very unique.

Some ideas for a cottage core wardrobe : You can look out for vintage sheets at thrift shops and auction sites and make dresses and tops from them. Or take clothes out of your grandmother’s closet (if she still has her long floral collared dresses).

Important characteristics of Cottage core fashion

Cottage core is a mix of vintage and modern elements, with a focus on comfort and simplicity. This aesthetic is perfect for women who want to feel feminine and stylish at the same time.


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The colors of the cottage core are very subtle colors of the earth, like beige, tan, creams, and soft pastel colors of pink, peach, and green.


You should look for clothing that is made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen. Or fabrics with a very feminine vibe like velvet and chiffon. Toile prints and floral prints are used for dresses and tops. 


Cottage core clothing is influenced by vintage fashion. Tops and skirt combinations with an emphasis on nostaligia is one staple in this fashion style.

Another piece of clothing which is frequently used is a long dress. A granny dress, which is a midi length dress, pinafore dresses worn over frilly white blouses are popular choices in this style.

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On tops, lace, embroidery and frills are favored embellishments.789 club sòng bài trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập

Corset over tops combined with long skirts

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Skirts are usually midi length or longer. Long skirts with ruffles and tiers are paired with cardigans and blouses with embellishments. 

Modern cottage core style with pants and shorts

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Hair bows and other hair accessories made of floral printed or velvet fabric. Imageries of frogs, mushrooms, butterflies can be used for a cottage core vibe. 

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Fit and style

One of the key elements of this style is a focus on comfortable clothes. The garments should be designed to fit well and be comfortable to wear all day long.

Handmade book recommendations for those interested in cottage core way of living

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Reading suggestions: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey

Hobbies to pursue : Bee keeping, candle making, baking all kinds of breads, brewing herbal remedies, container gardening.

An online store that sells clothes with the cottage core vibe:www.fableengland.com

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