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Glossary of Posts on Sewguide

All the posts related to sewing, fashion, fabric, clothes, embroidery, alteration, fashion designing, surface embellishing techniques published on this site in one place
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Hello & Welcome. This page is meant as a navigation for all (almost all) the posts published on sewguide.


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How to sew neckline (Different patterns)
Sleeve sewing: How to Draft pattern and cut different types of sleeves
Salwar Pants Pattern (& Easy sewing instructions)
How to make a Kaftan dress or top – FREE Pattern
How to stitch a simple nighty –DIY Night dress pattern
Halter neck top – A DIY pattern
Sewing Yokes – 7 stunning Yoke patterns for your dresses
20 Best & easy sew Ballerina skirt tutorials
Stylish HAREM PANTS – DIY pattern to sew them
How to sew skirts – FREE DIY SKIRT PATTERNS
How to sew a Backless Halter neck gown
How to sew Salwar Kameez top- {FREE PATTERN}
Make a simple & easy ELASTIC WAIST SKIRT -Tutorial
Sew a simple TUNIC top/ dress – with FREE DIY Pattern.
How to make PALAZZO PANTS – Free DIY Pattern
Make a simple SARI BLOUSE – A free DIY Pattern
What to wear with a Pencil Skirt
Make a beautiful WRAP SKIRT -DIY Pattern & Tutorial
Make your own LEGGINGS with woven fabric -Free DIY pattern and tutorial
Make a pretty HALF SLIP- Free Pattern & Tutorial
Make a beautiful SHIRT SKIRT from a shirt- Easy DIY tutorial
Sew a Bohemian Hippie pants : DIY pattern & tutorial
Make Easy Japanese style CROSS BACK APRON – Free diy pattern & tutorial
Make an Asymmetrical MINI WRAP SKIRT – DIY pattern & tutorial
Sew an Easy Bolero – FREE DIY sewing pattern & tutorial
Faux Fur collar scarf- DIY Pattern & tutorial
Slip Pattern : Make one to wear under your dress (Sewing tutorial)
Fabric measurements – Best answer to “How much fabric do I need”-
Make an Easy Hooded scarf – DIY pattern & tutorial
Make a pretty PEASANT DRESS-Free DIY sewing pattern
Make an easy Hood – DIY Pattern & sewing tutorial
Make an A-line dress (Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial)
Make a Princess cut blouse – DIY Pattern and tutorial
How to make a Petticoat Skirt (Underskirt)-Easy DIY Pattern
Make a sleeveless CAMISOLE TOP-DIY pattern & sewing tutorial
How to make an A-line skirt- DIY Pattern and sewing tutorial
Fit & Flare Panel dress Sewing Pattern & Tutorials
How to make a Tulle Skirt – 2 easy ways (Detachable and ruffled)
Easy Drapey front waterfall style Jacket – Free Sewing PAttern
How to make a shift dress – DIY Pattern
Make an Easy Batwing Sleeved Boho Top – Free sewing pattern
How to copy a dress and make a Sewing Pattern
5 types of HIJAB – Sewing tutorials to make them yourself
Make a Skater Skirt (DIY Pattern & tutorial)
The best websites to buy Sewing Patterns from
Make a flowy TANK TOP with side tails and embroidery
Lehenga pattern & sewing tutorial
Make a pretty lace VEST with Mandarin collar
Make an Umbrella Dress – Free sewing pattern & Tutorial
Easy sleeveless Tops – DIY sewing pattern & sewing tutorials
Crop Top – Different types & Free sewing pattern & tutorial
Make a COLD SHOULDER TOP- Free sewing pattern & tutorial
Flare dress with Bell sleeves – Free sewing pattern
Make a CHEMISE – Free sewing pattern
Kimono Sleeves – How to make one for your dress (2 ways)
Raglan Sleeve – Draft Pattern to sew one in 2 types
How to SEW A DRESS- Free sewing pattern & Tutorial
How to sew SHORTS- 3 Free DIY Patterns & sewing tutorials
Make a Mermaid Skirt – Free sewing pattern & tutorial
Make a cross over top – free sewing pattern & tutorial
Make a Baby Doll dress – Free Sewing Pattern & tutorial
How to make a simple KIMONO – DIY sewing Pattern & tutorial
Sew an easy Half Apron – Sewing Pattern
Lace yoke Blouse with cap sleeves – Free Sewing Pattern & tutorial
Make a Batwing Shrug – Sewing pattern & tutorial
Sew Newborn Baby top – Make the first clothing for your baby
Super Easy Belly Dance Pants – free pattern & tutorial
Make a Slouchy Velvet Blazer – Free Sewing Pattern & tutorial
Make a Sash – for Wedding Gowns and Dresses (5 tutorials)
Make a simple Vest – Free pattern
Sewing for kids – Some tips to sew children’s clothes perfectly
Men’s Boxer shorts – Free sewing pattern & tutorial
Easy bibs : 4 favourite ways to make a bib for your baby
How to make Cloth Diapers – 16 wonderful Patterns (FREE)
So you want to design & make your own Wedding Gown?
Pleated Skirt – Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Frock design ideas : Tips for Cutting & stitching simple Frocks for kids
Make a peplum top – Easy sewing pattern
Make an A-line frock – Sewing Pattern & Tutorial for small girls/babies
Leg Of Mutton Sleeve : Pattern Drafting & Sewing Tutorial
How to sew a ‘One Size Fits All’ Apron
Make a Gypsy skirt – 2 easy ideas
How to sew a Bralette Top
Off Shoulder Tunic dress pattern
Sew an easy Chiffon Top – Pattern & Sewing Tutorial
Flared Sleeves Pattern -Tutorial
Spaghetti Strap Dress – Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Make a long flared skirt – Free Size (Sewing Pattern & Tutorial)
DIY Dress in one hour – Sew easy everyday dress in Free size
Make a Puff sleeved Top – Sewing pattern & tutorial
Sew a Simple Drop shoulder Top with frilly sleeves (Pattern & Tutorial)
Frill Sleeves aka Ruffle Sleeves : 10 Common styles you can design for clothes
Mini Skirt Pattern – Free sewing pattern & tutorial
How to sew a waistband with zipper : 3 ways
Keyhole neckline : 10 best placements & How to sew one
Sew a REVERSIBLE SKIRT : easy 2-in-1 skirt (Pattern & Tutorial)
Make Easy & comfortable Straight pants – sewing pattern
Make a sweet Baby Bonnet – Sewing tutorial
Sewing pattern & tutorial for a Flared Pants that looks like a Skirt
Sew a Simple Gathered Dress for girls : Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Pattern Drafting for fashion design : The best methods
Nightwear matching set with pajama pants and top – Sewing tutorial
Dirndl skirt – Sewing tutorial
Patiala pant : Sewing pattern & tutorial (Make the Punjabi Pants)
Sew Tops for every day wear : Sewing pattern & tutorial
Sew easy sleeveless loungewear – Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Cami Top and Pajama Shorts (Sewing tutorial)
Sew a full length skirt :Sewing pattern and tutorial
Peter pan collar :Sewing pattern & Tutorial
Sew a Flounce Hem Skirt :Sewing pattern & tutorial
Different types of flounces & How to cut them for clothes
How to bind a neckline with bias tape : 6 methods
Sew a gathered skirt with pockets and elastic waistband (Tutorial)
Strapless Top : Sewing tutorial
PRINCESS SEAMS – Stitching them perfectly
Sew Easy baggy summer Sarouel Pants
Tube top :Sewing tutorial
Make a front tie Chiffon Shrug :Sewing tutorial
Sloper : How to make one that fits you perfectly (4 methods)
Sew a Kurta Tunic Top :Sewing Tutorial
How is Lacing used as Fastener in clothes : From Fashion to Functionality
2 Shrugs you can make with almost no-sewing
Sew an easy Knit top
Polo collar : How to draft and sew this soft collar for your clothes
Maxi Dress Free patterns & Tutorials
How to add Cuffs to Pant hems
Sew a Tennis Skirt :Free Pattern & Sewing tutorial
Make easy Fingerless Gloves : Sewing tutorial
Peplum : An easy way to change your silhouette for the better
Men’s Pajama Pants :Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Faux fur Gilet (Sewing Tutorial)
Butterfly Top (Sewing Tutorial)
Sew comfortable elastic waist Lounge pants
Make a Sleeveless dress for an Infant girl(6-12 months)
Sew Triangle String Bikini-Top
Sew a Hooded Cape {Pattern & tutorial}
How to make String Panties
FREE Dress Sewing Patterns for kids (A list of tutorials)
Flutter sleeved Top : Sewing pattern & tutorial
A basic {BODICE} pattern
FREE Underwear tutorials and patterns (30)
How to sew a Raglan Sleeve Top (Sewing pattern & Tutorial)
15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns
13 Circle skirt patterns and tutorials (Free)
24 Maxi skirt patterns and tutorials (Free)
Draft & Sew an easy Pencil skirt DIY pattern
Stylish Fabric HAIR BANDS – 18 DIY tutorials
How to make a kimono jacket : Free patterns & tutorials
Dolman sleeve tunic top-FREE Pattern
3 ways to sew Sari petticoat skirts– EASY DIY Patterns and instructions for underskirts
Sewing projects for beginners (10 amazingly easy first project ideas)
COWL NECK top pattern (3 ways to make)
Design & Make your own clothes with FREE SEWING PATTERNS
How to Gather fabric into frills (6 styles of ruffles )
Chinese Frog Fasteners : 5 easy types (Tutorial)
Slouchy Beanie Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Draft BUTTERFLY SLEEVES – DIY pattern & sewing tutorial
Draft & sew a beautiful ANGEL WING SLEEVE
How to Make a TIE – Free DIY pattern & tutorial
Make a Fabric BOW BELT – tutorial
20+ Best Fleece Hat Patterns
OFF SHOULDER TOP (3 Free sewing tutorials)
9 Best ways to make INFINITY SCARF with 20 Free Patterns
PAJAMA PANTS – 3 DIY Patterns & sewing tutorials
DIY Sewing Pattern to make a pretty CAMI DRESS aka SLIP DRESS
Easy Drawstring lounge pants (Free DIY Sewing Pattern)
3 easy DIY sleeves for sleeveless dresses
8 types of capes & How to make them
Easy Cargo pocket Pattern & tutorial
Easy Culottes (aka Divided Skirt) – Free Sewing Pattern
Make Wrap Pants – Fisherman’s Pants / Yoga Pants (2 sewing tutorials)
A Simple Straight Skirt with yoke – Free sewing pattern
Drop shoulder top/dress with shoulder slits – Free sewing pattern
Boxy Top with flute sleeves – free sewing pattern
Make your own simple SUNDRESS- free sewing pattern & tutorial
Easiest DIY Baby Dress ever! Free Sewing Pattern &; Tutorial
Easy Ironing Board Cover – DIY tutorial for a simple padded one
Easy Kurti Top sewing pattern
V-Neckline : 6 ways to sew a V-neck in a dress/top
How to make a kilt
Asymmetrical skirt – Free Sewing pattern
DIY SCRUNCHIE hair tie (10 best ways)
Asymmetrical Hemline : How to create Hanky hem for your clothes
Free Beach Cover Up Patterns : 2 easy tutorials
How to make a Brooch (10 DIY tutorials)
Eye Patch DIY for lazy eye
Easy Capri pants pattern : Sewing Tutorial
Tie a perfect SASH BOW in a Dress
DIY SCARF Tutorials- 7 Super easy ways to make Scarves
Wedding Veil Styles & corresponding Veil lengths (10 types)
3 DIY Scarf outfits : Turn your scarf into a top easily
Easy Peasy Shirred Dress – DIY sewing tutorial for a long elastic top dress
Make Girl’s Skirt without a pattern
Shopping Bag Sewing Pattern – Free tutorial
Circle skirt calculator – A ready reckoner for making circle skirts
How to make hair bows : 10 easy ways to beautiful hairbow accessories
DIY Toddler Purse – 2 easy to make Bags for a Little Girl
Sewing Cotton Fabric : 10 Most important tips
A basic Skirt Pattern : Sew a very simple straight skirt
A very Simple Summer Top Pattern & tutorial
An easy Skirt pattern for GIRLS with Frills
DIY Party Dress Pattern for girls :Step by step Sewing tutorial
Reusable grocery bags : DIY pattern & tutorial
Cutting jeans into shorts (7 easy ideas to make denim cut offs)
20+ Best & Easy to sew Free APRON PATTERNS
Bodkin as a Sewing tool : Different uses
Handbag DIY Tutorial
Belly Dancer costume : 10 elements you may need to DIY your own belly dancing outfit
Easy Wallet Pattern & Sewing Tutorial
Sweetheart Neckline :5 types & (Sewing tutorial)
Bell Sleeves : 6 different types and How to sew them.
DIY Hair accessories from old things lying around the house: Make 5 of them in minutes
Cut and Sew a Wrap top : Step by Step tutorial
DIY Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads : Make your own Sanitary pads
Make a Fabric face mask
Sew an Eye Mask for better sleep -Sewing tutorial
Sewing Wedding Veils – Make the perfect bridal veil for your Wedding Day
Sew Night Head Cover for Hair
What to make from OLD JEANS ? : 10 Jeans recycle ideas
DIY Fabric Belts : 5 Easy ways to make your own belt
DIY Pillow covers : How to sew a Pillow case with zippered opening & flanges
Bishop sleeve : Different types and how to sew them
Easy Butterfly Sleeved Top – Sewing tutorial
Detachable Collar – Sewing pattern & tutorial
How to make an OBI Belt aka Japanese Sash
Make a Headband that keeps hair in check
Multi-purpose Neck warmer Scarf : Sewing tutorial
Easy ways to Decorate Hair clips, Tic-Tac clips and Barrettes
Types of Hair accessories : (25 Common names)
How to line a bodice (2 easy ways)
Make a Chef’s Hat (Sewing tutorial)
How to make Fabric Hats
Make a hand warmer Muff
Blanket Cloak :DIY Tutorial
Make Shoe-liner Socks :Easy tutorial
Names of different types Necklaces & necklace sizes
What is a Boutonniere and How to make one easily.
How to make a Snood : Sewing tutorial
How to sew a Silk Scarf with neat edges
Sew Spandex fabric (10 non-missable tips)
Flounce sleeve : 3 main types
Sew a Witch Hat (Tutorial)
How to make cut outs in clothes ( & 4 other Peekaboo fashion details you can add in your clothes)
How to hide Bra straps – DIY BRA STRAP HOLDER (3 easy tutorials) & other tricks
Make a Carry-All faux leather Bag with a flat bottom (Sewing tutorial)
Sewing Table Ideas : DIY tutorials for keeping your sewing machines neatly in your room.
Buying and using the best Pinking Shears for creative edging and preventing fraying
Shawl collar styles & How to sew one
Sewing pattern for Romper for a toddler (2-3 year old)
How to sew with Polyester
Tulip Sleeves : Sewing tutorial
DIY Trick-or-treat bag (Handpainted with Autumn and Halloween imagery)
Make Eco-Friendly Cloth Bags : One Step to a Greener Christmas
Sewing Linen: A Step-by-Step Guide
Pinning tips in sewing & alternatives to pins
Tips to turn skinny jeans into bootcut, or flared ones
Sew a Bustier top (Sewing pattern and tutorial)
A case for Sew-in interfacing and the options you have
Balloon sleeves Pattern & Sewing tutorial
Sew a ruffled dress for small kids
Cape Neckline (Sewing tutorial)

Sewing Accessories

FABRIC NECKLACES (20+ free DIY patterns)
Nursing cover : Easy Pattern & stitching instructions
6 Neck Ties for Girls & how to make and wear them.
How to sew a Bandana (DIY Sewing tutorial)
Make a really big BOW (2 ways – with or without sewing)
How to fold a piece of Cloth into a Mask : No Sew Face mask
How to hand sew a Mask (and a pouch to keep it clean)
Cute Headband with Ears {Sewing tutorial}

Sewing Bags

How to make Reusable Fabric Gift bags – DIY Tutorial
Drawstring Pouch – Free DIY pattern & Sewing Tutorial
SUPER EASY DIY Drawstring Bag – Backpack Pattern
Sew a Microwave Heating Pad (Easy DIY Tutorial)
Zipper Pouch Tutorial : Step by step instructions to make one easily
Bag making tips & techniques
DIY Denim bags from old jeans: 3 easy to make ideas
Messenger bag pattern & sewing tutorial
How to make a Lunch bag (Sewing tutorial)
Bag handles (A list of 18 types )
How to sew a Purse – 2 Easy sewing tutorials
DIY Pencil case tutorials (4 very easy ones including Zipper pencil pouch)
How to sew a Phone Purse (Sewing Tutorial)
10 best Bag making Fabrics
Sew a Backpack with adjustable straps :Sewing Tutorial
Easy Party Clutch – Sewing Tutorial
How to make a Tote bag : Here is the best & easiest way to sew one
Make instant Bags from old T-shirts and knit tops : 2 easy ways
Super easy Makeup pouch pattern: Keep your cosmetics in style – 2 Sewing tutorials
How to fold fabric into a Needlebook
Hand Sew a simple Leather pouch
Sew a small Coin Purse : Sewing Tutorial
Zippered hand bag: Sewing pattern & DIY tutorial
How to make handbag handles or purse straps : 7 different types
Sew easy Duffel Bag :Sewing tutorial
Boxy Pouch sewing pattern (& dimensions)
Make a Sling bag :Sewing tutorial
How to make a Clutch purse with a Metal Frame
Sew Super easy Toiletry Pouch :Sewing tutorial
Make an easy Book Pouch
Sew a Wedding Pouch in a jiffy
Make a Fold Over Clutch Purse
Japanese Knot Bag : Free pattern & tutorial for making an easy no-fastener bag
Laptop Sleeve : Sewing tutorial
How to sew a Phone belt pouch
Make a Hobo Bag (Sewing pattern & Tutorial)

Sewing techniques

45 Sewing tools you may need to start to sew (Some of them are essential)
Sewing Terms : A Glossary of 100+ Words
How to sew edges of fabric (17 best edge Finishes)
What is Seam? 22 types of SEAMS & How to sew them
How to make Perfect thin FABRIC TUBES
EASY Hand Stitches you should learn for perfect sewing (10 basic ones).
How to sew an Overcast Stitch – by machine and by hand
How to sew fast – 30 Super TIME saving tips when sewing
Sewing ZIPPERS to clothes
How to HEM with a Sewing Machine (20 Unique ways)
Picot edge (Learn to sew it step by step)
Facing : 4 BEST ways to make a FACING pattern and sew it.
Shell edge stitch – by hand and by machine (2 ways to sew)
Learn to sew : All the tips you need to start
Exposed zippers (2 Best ways to sew)
How to sew a Welt Pocket – Single & Double welt pocket tutorials
How to cut cloth for sewing clothes
Fabric Fasteners for your cloth openings (20 types)
Different types of Plackets on clothes (& how to sew them)
Taking BODY MEASUREMENT for sewing clothes
Flutter sleeve : Definition and 3 ways to Draft a Pattern
8 ways to stitch Hook & Eye perfectly on to your clothes
How to add a SIDE SEAM POCKET to your clothes
How to add an easy HIDDEN POCKET to jeans & protect your belongings
How to easily add a PATCH POCKET to your clothes
Easy EYELETS – How to make Hand stitched eyelets on fabric
How to sew BUTTON [by hand and by sewing machine]
How to design and sew with Thin, Transparent and Sheer Fabrics
How to sew a buttonhole by hand
12 Types of Buttonholes for clothes
How to hand sew a hem (18 ways)
Blind Hem Stitch – by hand and by machine (Step by step tutorial)
How to make BIAS BINDING TAPE – 3 best ways
Puff sleeves (3 ways to sew them)
How to read tape measure for sewing
BIAS BINDING (The best ways to do it)
Make fabric covered buttons & cloth buttons (6 ways)
Bias Cut Fabric : How to design and sew with it
How to sew Denim fabric (10 FAQ answered)
Double Needle Stitching – 6 ways to use these twin-needles.
How to sew on a patch & other ways to attach patches on clothes
Tips & Tricks of sewing TRIMS to fabric
How to stitch leather with a Sewing Machine – some tips
What is Nap? (Tips on sewing fabric with nap)
How to sew VINYL, PLEATHER or PLASTIC (Best Tips)
Dressmaking tips in sewing (Be perfect in everything you sew)
How to sew Lace
30 Stylish Ways to use Lace Fabric and Trims in Your Wardrobe
Lace Inserts – 3 ways to add Lace trims between fabric
20 types of Lace fabric & trims for making clothes
SHIRRING ( Sewing with elastic thread ): Can you do it perfectly?
Interfacing – 10 main types ( How to choose the best one for sewing ?)
15 Types of Zippers & a guide to different parts of a zipper
Insertion stitches – 2 easy ways to join fabrics prettily
Make your own Piping Cord and sew it (Easy tips)
How to stitch BUTTONHOLES with your sewing machine
Types of Darts : 15 Dart placements & tips for sewing them
Invisible zipper (Sewing tutorial with or without special foot)
Basting stitch – Hand & machine baste stitches for perfect sewing
Pick Stitch – How to do it & where to use it beautifully
Seam allowance & How to get the seam line right every time
French Seams – How to make it neatly and its uses in dressmaking
Sewing with Velvet (9 FAQ answered)
9 ways to make Beaded Tassels & other Edge Beading
Scalloped Edge – 10 types you can make & use easily
Mandarin Collar – DIY tutorial (2 ways)
How to sew mitered corners : 4 ways – all easy !
Edge Stitch : What is it & How to do it perfectly
Pintucks & other 9 beautiful decorative tucks used in Sewing
Buttonhole Stitch :The real One
Sewing SILK Fabric :15 problems solved
How to make Tacking Stitches for marking
Slip stitch
Sewing Sequin Fabric : Some tricks to make it easier.
Sewing Pants Zipper : An Easy way to zip the fly
Button loop : 3 Different ways to make and sew them easily
Box Pleat – A Detailed tutorial
Easy Sewing Hacks & tricks : Best solutions to make your sewing easier
Grainline of a fabric : Why is it so important?
Ease & Design Ease in clothing : Why is it important to add this in sewing patterns
How to cut and sew Fabric with prints & patterns
Puckered seam and fabric & what to do about it (10 scenarios)
Bar tack Stitch : Why is it important in sewing
Straight Stitch : How to use this versatile stitch
Sewing Machine Stitches you need to know about (20 Basic ones)
Set in Sleeve : Perfect way to attach sleeves
Zig Zag Stitch – 15 most important uses
Armscye & Armhole Measurement in Sewing : An Overview
5 Invisible Stitches for sewing seams and hems without a sewing machine
How to sew Lining (tips) & why you should
How to Sew clothes by Hand (Important tips)
Top Stitch : 7 FAQ (How to do topstitching perfectly)
5 ways to Tie a Knot and secure your thread in Hand Stitching
Types of Buttons used in Sewing (12 varieties)
How to add volume to a dress : 10 stiff fabrics that can make it poofy and fuller
Sewing in good health : Sewing Room ideas that can avoid pain & illhealth when sewing
Sewing Machine Safety : 10 rules you need to follow in a Sewing Room to be safe while you sew
Plain seam : best way to join Fabric pieces properly without bulk & puckers
Bag Materials : A list of 20 things you need to make bags
How to use a Rotary Cutter with the Cutting mat
Lapped zippers – the best zipper insertion for dresses
Hand Sewing Leather – 30 tools & supplies you (may or may not) need to buy to get started
Types of quilts (30 popular ones)
55 most popular Quilt blocks and their names
10 Marking Tools used in Sewing
Sewing Thick Fabrics or many layers of fabric with your home sewing machine : 15 tricks
10 Best Pattern Making books : for fashion design
Invisible Hem : 4 best methods
10 best stabilizers to use as Backing for fabric in Embroidery & Sewing
Flat Felled Seam : Sewing tutorial
Stitch in the Ditch: How to do the ditch stitching properly
How to Sew KNIT Fabrics on a regular sewing machine (10 tips)
Boning : The different types used in dressmaking
How to set Metal Grommets on fabric
Measuring tools & Rulers for sewing
Pre-wash and pre-shrink fabric for sewing: Should I or should I not?
Underlining a garment : A basic overview
Decorative Hemstitching : How to do this ornamental hem finish
Sewing Delicate, fragile fabrics : 10 tricks to success
26 types of Tapes used in sewing
What is Stay stitching? How to stitch it properly
Pin Stitch :Sewing tutorial
How to sew snaps to fabric (and other ways to attach them)
Thread bunching up under the fabric when you sew? (10 things to do)
Is your Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches? 7 Questions to ask
Hand sew Leather with the best stitches
How to do Saddle Stitch
How to sew Neckline Facing
20 Different types of cords used in sewing and crafts
How to sew SLITS (Vents) : 7 different methods
Loop Turner : How to use it
Types of Pins you really need in your sewing (10 different ones)
5 Narrow hem finishes for Curved edges
Horesehair braid : How to use this versatile tape to create volume to clothes
20 Different types of Elastic used in sewing
3 types of Enclosed Seams
9 Best interlining fabrics
How to sew Neckline Slits
How to sew wool (10 things to note)
How to use a Hem tape
Kick pleat
Types of slits on skirts : and How to sew the SLIT
Using a Bias Tape Maker (Tutorial)
Patchwork Heart Blocks – for applique & quilts (3 DIY)
How to Sew Knife-Pleats
Inverted Pleats: Sewing tutorial
Sewing PLEATS : 10 Golden Tips
Godets: An easy way to add fullness in sewing
Different types of BATTING & 10 things to consider in choosing the best for your project
Faggoting Stitch in Sewing :To make a decorative seam
How to attach Metal Rivets
Best Yarns For Hand Knitting
13 Pressing tools you need for professional sewing
Pressing cloth
Sewing straight (5 Tools that can help you)
No-Sew Fastener for your sewing
How to reinforce a seam : 8 methods to make Rip-proof seams easily
Using Decorative stitches on a sewing machine : Tips
Embroidery & Sewing thread storage : Tips
How to create a way edge on fabric? Solution – Lettuce Edging
Cutting And Sewing Fake Fur – 10 problems & solutions
Applying Fusible interfacing (the correct way to attach them to fabric) & different fusibles you can use
Flat Collars : Different types & and Essential Sewing methods
How to sew a SHIRT COLLAR :Sewing tutorial
How to use Seam Ripper (and that too with the red ball!)
Problems in Sewing organza fabric and their answers
Make a coverstitch type hem with ordinary sewing machine
Uses for Fold Over Elastic (FOE) in sewing & How to sew it
Beaded neckline edge : How to finish neckline with beads – easy ways
How to use Needle Threader
Queen Anne neckline
How to sew with Satin Fabric
Cap Sleeves {Pattern drafting & Styles}
How to sew Rayon ?
What is bias tape? Different types of binding tapes
What is inseam and How to measure it
How to sew with Jersey fabric
Easy way to thread a needle (With and without a needle threader)
Dimensions of a Yard of Fabric & How many inches in a yard
What is a FAT QUARTER? Its size & How to cut it for sewing
Simple ways to Sharpen Your Fabric Scissors (& keep them sharp)
9 types of Elastic Waistbands (& How to sew them)

Sewing machine

Troubleshoot Sewing Machine problems when it is not stitching properly
Sewing Thread – 25 types (& How to select the best one)
Buying a Used Sewing Machine ? (7 factors to consider)
Parts of a Sewing Machine
Types of Sewing Machine Needles
Sewing Machine Maintainence (3 steps process)
How to thread a Sewing Machine
13 CUTTING TOOLS you need for sewing
Do you need a serger (5 questions answered on buying one)
How does a Sewing Machine work
Correct way to use a HEMMER FOOT
Presser Foot : A detailed 33 Sewing Machine Feet Guide
The Evolution of the Sewing Machine: A Historical Timeline
Edge Joining Foot / Stitch in the Ditch foot – 8 different uses
Top 7 Sewing Machine Brands
Sewing Machine Tension Adjustment – All that I know!
20 Different Types of Sewing Machines
Industrial Sewing machine – 10 criteria to decide whether you need to buy one ?
How to use a Sewing Machine (Step by step tips)
How to use a WALKING FOOT :Sewing Machine Presser foot tutorial
Gathering presser foot (Shirring foot)
How to use a 1/4 inch Seam Foot (Sewing Machine Foot tutorial)
Sewing Machine repair tips for Hardware problems
Sewing machine bobbins : Uses, thread used and How many you should have
How to use a BRAIDING Presser FOOT on your sewing machine
How to use a Ruffler foot on your sewing machine
Satin Stitch Presser Foot : 4 types for perfect satin stitching
Darning foot (Free motion embroidery Presser foot)
Blind Hem Presser foot
Broken-Needles – Can you prevent this?
Zipper foot : 3 types and how to use them
How to use a Binding presser Foot on your sewing machine
Sewing Machine Needle sizes
Sewing machine manuals (Free): Get your copy if you do not have one!
Selecting the Best Beginners Sewing machine for making clothes (How to choose & what to buy)

Fashion Designing Posts

18th Century Fashion: Styles of men and women
Fashion in the 1920’s : 10 factors that influenced clothing styles of the decade
Fashion in the 1950’s : The highlights
Fashion in the 1960s : Most important styles and influences
1980’s fashion: 10 factors that influenced clothing of this period
1990s Fashion : The 10 major clothing styles that mattered in the decade
19th century Clothing styles in England
Afro-Punk Fashion Style : Clothes to wear
Androgynous Outfits & Fashion: A guide to clothes beyond gender
Ankara Dress Design styles – The Latest Fashion trend for the fashionista
What do bikers wear: 5 must haves clothes in Biker Fashion
Body Positivity in Fashion : How to embrace your size and love yourself
Bohemian Attire: 15 Elements of Boho style
Importance of Fairtrade Textiles and Clothing in our lives
Different types of Laptop bags
Clothes of the Middle Ages
Roman Clothing : Most Important clothes in Ancient Rome
Color Blocking in fashion
Cottage Core Fashion Style : Clothes to dress in this aesthetic
Cultural appropriation in fashion & what you should do instead
9 clothes that can turn FATAL if you are not careful
Dark Academia Fashion Style & the clothes that make it special
13 Kibbe Body Types : Which one is yours?
20 different types of Fashion BELTS
40+ Different types of popular footwear for women
40 Different types of hats
30 Different types of Hoodies
Dress Code : The basic 10 dress codes defined.
Hippie clothes : How to dress like a true Hippie
DIY Edgy Fashion Style: 9 hacks to transform ordinary clothes
Elements of Fashion Design (10 important ones)
Want to buy ethical clothes? What to check.
History of fashion – A brief story of the evolution of fashion
Clothes of Fairycore Aesthetics in fashion
45 World famous Fashion designers you should study to learn about fashion
What is Fashion, Design & Style?
15 Top Fashion Capitals of the world
Y2K fashion : Clothing styles that were special during the 2000s
20 types of Design Lines and using them effectively in Fashion designing
Where to study Fashion Designing & become a fashion designer
50 Fashion faux pas scenarios and how to avoid them
Fashion Illustration : 6 types of fashion drawings you need for designing clothes
A brief history of fashion in the 1970s
Fashion in the 1930s : What women wore
Top 10 Fashion Magazines of the world
Fashion Styles : 50 Types
48 most popular Fashion subcultures
Fashion Vocabulary -150+ words related to Fashion
What is fast fashion and why is it a problem? Facts & shocking Environmental Impact Statistics
Female Body Shapes : “What body shape am I ?” among the 7 basic figure types
Formal Dress code – 4 most important formal wear styles decoded
French fashion words ( & their English meanings)
Girly Fashion Style : What clothes do you need to look cute, sweet and feminine
Gothic Fashion & clothing : The different variations of this style
What is Grunge Fashion? 7 important fashion elements and 8 grunge outfits
Haute couture : Heights of fashion tailoring and dressmaking
Hip Hop clothing Style
How to measure Hips ? 6 types of hips – which one is yours?
How to buy a T-shirt (10 most important criteria)
What you can do with a Clothing tape (& what you can’t)
Kawaii Fashion Style: Clothes & characteristics
Top 15 Luxury Brands in the world of Fashion
Lolita Fashion Guide : Are you up to dressing like a Lolita ?
Fashion mood board (Ideas & apps to make it yourself)
Japanese Fashion styles & Subcultures
Must have Maternity clothes
How to Shop for Clothes online : 15 things you should ASK!
What is your Style Personality among the 12 types
Including Polka Dot Pattern in your clothes
Preppy Style : Its Origin and the clothes that fit this fashionable look
A Guide to Punk Fashion Clothing
Regency Era Clothing Styles
Renaissance period – Clothing styles
Rocker Chic – Clothes for cool girls
Scene Fashion Style
Must have Software tools for fashion designers
Are you buying fake clothes? How to spot counterfeit :8 warning flags
Square Neckline : Different types & the best one to choose for you.
What is Streetwear Fashion ? 7 must haves if you want to adopt this style
Churidar Neck design : 50+ variations for salwar suits
30 types of BAGS you should own
Accessories in fashion : An overview of the 30 most important accessories
Types of PLEATS seen on clothes
Vintage Fashion Style, Retro Fashion or Vintage Inspired Fashion – the clothing of the yesteryears
Making cosplay costumes as a cosplayer
Different types of Wrap around clothing


How to Distress Jeans (15 tutorials to make them distressed on your own)
DIY Slip Extender & other 3 ways to lengthen a Dress/Skirt
How to repair a ZIPPER : 10 zip problems & solutions for fixing them
Altering clothes to make them fit: 20 typical clothing fitting problems
Fixing a Neckline that is too big & gapes : 10 Solutions
Mending of tears in fabric {15 best methods including invisible mending}
Darning : 4 Best methods to darn and repair holes
How to take in & make a Shirt or Dress Smaller : 6 Solutions
Cut out T-shirts to something WOW {10 T-shirt cutting ideas with instructions}
Clothing repairs to Fix clothes to New again (40 common scenarios)
Simple T-shirt decorating – 15 easy ideas to make your own custom t-shirt
Jean Button WordStrment : Fix the button back on your jeans
How to fix holes in Jeans : 10 ways to repair ripped & torn jeans
How to remove Embroidery from clothes without damage to the fabric
Jeans Repair : 7 types of alterations you may want to do on your denim and their solutions
How to shorten length and hand sew hem of DRESS PANTS properly
Best tricks to alter clothes that are too tight
How to alter Tight Pants/Jeans?
Turn a man’s shirt to a simple Top : Refashion sewing tutorial
Altering loose pants into one that fits
How to make jeans longer – Adding length to short jeans 
Re-fashion plain Black t-shirts to ‘Pretty’
Patchwork jeans : Easy DIY ideas
How to fix a worn out Shirt Collar
How to lengthen a short top (3 Easy ideas)
How to alter Loose Jeans to one that fits at the waist : 5 ways
How to sew a Ripped seam {Tips to repair tears in stitching easily}
Make a t-shirt fit : How to re-shape your oversized, baggy tshirts
How to make a Battle Jacket : DIY ideas for your own version of this punk staple.

Clothing related posts

How to choose the BEST skirt for your figure
Create a Capsule Wardrobe – What you need to buy to mix and match clothes
20 Types of pants (Name each one of them)
Cowl neckline (& the different styles of Cowls)
25+ types of pockets you could sew on your clothes
Dress for your body shape- Find your flattering style
SLEEVE PLACKETS (5 Best ways to stitch them)
Types of SKIRTS (I counted 20+!)
45 Different {TYPES OF SLEEVES} that you can add to your clothes
About Eton Jackets
A list of different TYPES OF CLOTHES
50+ types of COLLARS – choose the best one for you.
DRESS SILHOUETTES (16 most important ones)
5 types of WAISTBANDS for your skirts and pants
How to measure Bust and find a fitting Bra (Answer to “what bra size am I”)
10 popular traditional clothing in Arabian women’s fashion
Curious About Burkini? The modest but stylish swimwear
25 DRESSING TIPS that can make you look slimmer
History of blue jeans- Some fascinating facts
Scarf, Shawl, Stole and Wrap – Different Size dimensions
Do you know about these 24 Types of Shorts ?
50+ different types of dresses for women
BABY LAYETTE CHECKLIST – essential things for a newborn
60+ Names of necklines for your clothes
10 Different waistlines for your dresses : Which suits you ?
What is a Kimono? Some interesting facts about this Traditional Japanese Clothing
How to wear a Scarf – 12 of my favourite ways to tie scarves
Skirt length & Hemlines : 9 Names that define a skirt hemline
Best clothes for Triangle body shape :A Pear shaped body
20 Different types of SHIRTS
Choose the neckline that suits you the best
Rectangle body shape : 8 steps to dress this figure to a stunner
Fitting guide for Pants : 15 style terms that matter
15 parts of Jeans that make it an Iconic garment
20 Different Types of T-Shirts
45+ Different types of tops
10 types of openings used in clothes
Parts of a Shirt – The fundamentals of Button up Dress Shirts
Parts of a Bra : An overview of the Bra Anatomy
A-line Silhouette : A simple definition of Aline cut in fashion
Bardot neckline (Off the shoulder neckline) – 10 Basic styles
15 popular Indian Traditional clothing for Men
What is a Mini skirt ? A short definition, Different types, history and its proper length
40 different types of socks
Spats on Shoes : What does this mean?
20 Different types of Gowns : The most popular ones
Sustainable fashion :Do you really need that dress?
Inverted Triangle Body shape: 10 Do’s and Don’t’s for dressing this type
Find your Face Shape & get the best dressing tips for it
How to Buy a Bra : 10 Criteria you should take into consideration every time you are shopping for one.
Sari Glossary – A list of Different Types of sarees
How to hide a stomach with clothes : 10 ways that help a big belly
Underwire Bras : 5 concerns and how to address each of them
40 Different types of Underwear and their names
CORSETS – 16 Different types (and some interesting facts you may want to know about the corset)
Vintage Costume Designing : 100 Best books you should read as Reference
45 Different types of Jeans : Do you have a favourite?
How to buy jeans (for women)
Petite dressing : Best clothing choices for short women
Different types of Hosiery – ; Pantyhose vs Stockings vs leggings
Prêt-à-porter : The kind of clothes that you and I dream and can afford.
How to minimize the look of a large Bustline with the right clothes
Types of Sweaters
What to wear if you have a ROUND BODYSHAPE or an Apple shape
Innerwear – A Glossary of 20 important terms
5 criteria for selecting the best flattering Lingerie & underwear
Types of Collars for Shirts (15 styles explained)
45 types of bras- Which type of bra would you choose?
What is Business Casual Dress code for women : 7 must have components
25 Different types of Sleeve hems and Cuffs
Shapewear : 15 different types
Clothing tips to enhance a small bustline
7 Types of Exaggerated Sleeves
15 Different types of hemlines
Bodices (10 Different types)
How to look taller and leaner if you have short and stocky legs
Cocktail dress code for women – What Should I Wear?
Different Apron styles
Types of Jackets (for men & women)
9 different types of Pleated Skirts
History of the Trench Coat
Clothes for an interview – Dos and Don’ts for women
Traditional Indian clothing names – Familiar (& Unfamiliar) ones
The Best Denim Jeans brands
What to wear if you want to hide fat thighs
25 must-see Costume Museums for a Fashion enthusiast
History of the Bra
Basics of buying a formal Suit Jacket
What clothes to wear on a Holiday in Maldives
Different types of Lapels
Best Little Black Dress styles & their History in fashion
What is a Cloak? 15 Different types of cloaks
What is a Bolero Jacket?
Different types of vests
What is a shrug? (& the Different types of Shrugs)
History of Corsets
Clothing in Ancient Egypt
40 types of Coats for men and women
Asymmetrical neckline : Unique and stylish
What clothes to pack for a trip to India?
Camouflage Clothing style
Fashion in the 17th Century
What is a Beanie ? What are the different types of beanies
History of Skirts
What are boyfriend jeans? What can you wear with it?
Different types of Fits in jeans : What Fit Jeans are ‘In’ now ?
How to wear Stripes in clothing
Traditional Clothing in Morocco
Lagenlook Fashion Style & the art of layering
Different types of swimwear and swimsuits for women
Empire Line : The silhouette and dresses in this style
Different types of Leggings
What is a Thong underwear?
Witch outfit ideas : 10 elements to consider
Dress like a Punk – DIY clothing ideas
Drop-shoulder style in fashion
A look at Hanbok & other Traditional Korean Clothing
What to wear if you have heavy and/or flabby arms ?
8 types of Round Necklines (including Jewel neck and Crew neck) : Differences
What to wear in Bali (Clothes to pack on a vacation trip)
How to look expensive with the right clothes, fabric and colors
16 Easy Clothing Hacks for smart dressing
Iconic costumes of Princess Leia from Star Wars
Sailor Collar : Definition, history and an easy Sewing pattern to make it
What to wear in Thailand (Clothes to pack on a vacation trip in Phuket and neighboring islands)
Good Color combinations for Clothes (15 colors that look good together)

Decorating fabrics and clothes

FABRIC TRIMS used in sewing
How to make a Turk’s Head Knot
FRINGE TRIMS – Learn to make and sew them (11 types)
How to fix rhinestones on clothes – Sew & No sew methods
How to make PATCHES (10 ways)
Decorating & manipulating fabric (50+ techniques for fabric embellishment)
Fabric Block printing – A DIY guide
How to sew Sequins to fabric : 10 Best & easy ways
How to applique with sewing machine – A Beginner’s Guide (12 techniques)
Bobbin work – An easy way to stitch with thick thread
10 best Textile Printing Techniques
How to make holes in jeans – easy DIY knee-ripped jeans 
Types of RIBBONS (16 beautiful ones)
Make your own stencil for fabric painting
How to paint fabric (Easy cloth painting tips for beginners)
Fabric Painting Techniques (10 Easy Beginner level methods)
Embossing on Fabric – Easy way to do it at home
Ruching: 6 ways to ruche fabric and its many uses in sewing
Ribbon Rose – 7 types of roses you can make easily
Textile stamps : Best ideas for making a fabric printing stamp
Best ink for stamping on fabric : 9 FAQ answered on using it
Best way to Make an Embroidered Fabric Patch
Make your own Potato Stamps for Potato printing on fabric – & some easy designs
Different types of screen printing on fabric & the best way to do it
Make bubble textured fabric : 2 ways
Make RIBBON TRIMS (10 beautiful ones)
Reverse Applique – 4 different methods
How to draw and paint a ROSE : 6 easy designs
FLOWER MAKING : 10 Super easy DIY ways to make fabric flowers
Blue Printing or Cyanotype printing on fabric : Tips to get this done properly
6 Best methods to Transfer Photos/Pictures/Images to Fabric at home
How to make Fabric Yoyos – 5 different types (Yoyo project ideas)
T-shirt Painting – 5 easy techniques
7 Methods of Stencil Painting on Fabric
Basic Knots used in sewing & crafts & How to tie them (10 easy ones)
How to make Felt flowers – 10 easy tutorials to make DIY felt flowers
Fabric Stamping : 7 simple & awesome Techniques to use Stamps on your clothes & accessories
Quilting Stitches : The 13 main methods
Types of Fabric dyes and how to use them
How to DYE Clothes – A simple guide
Different types of patchwork techniques (10 ways to join fabric pieces together efficiently in Patchwork
Rag textiles : Use Fabric Scraps to make your own Fabric : 3 methods
Natural Dyeing : How to dye fabric using eco-friendly dyes found in nature.
How to sew a 4 Patch Square block very Fast
Tie and dye (8 different types & easy tie dye techniques)
TIE DYE Patterns (10 beautiful designs that you can make easily)
Tie dying a shirt (Easy step by step tutorials)
Resist Printing on fabric : 3 DIY methods
T shirt bleaching techniques : Transform old shirts cheaply
Log Cabin Patchwork Block :Sewing Tutorial
How to make Cord : 7 different methods
How to make clothing look old : 9 methods for Distressing fabric
Make Flowers with Yarn, thread or cord
9 different ways to add beads on fabric
How to make a 3 strand braid : 2 ways
How to make Yoyo appliqued fabric
Needle Turn Applique : The easy invisible way to applique
Using Iron on Transfer Paper to print on clothes
Nine Patch Quilt Block – Sewing Tutorial
How to stitch Half Triangle Squares for your patchwork blocks
Beadwork supplies & tools – What do you need to start Beading?
Beaded Snowflakes – Easy Tutorials
How to make an Adjustable knot
Pinwheel block Sewing Tutorial for patchwork, quilts and applique
How to Dip Dye fabric to Ombré shades
How to make Beaded Patches
Rosette : 4 easy ways to make rosettes for badges, brooches etc
7 Strand Braid :Tutorial
Jeans Washes & Surface treatments (12 important types)
Felting : How to do it properly in 10 steps
How to bleach your jeans to a light color FAST
How to use Iron-on patches on clothes
Fabric Art Display – 9 ways to hang a pretty fabric as your artwork
Tea and Coffee dyeing : For that Vintage look
How to sew Applique designs on T-shirts
Indigo Dyeing Process – The art of making vibrant blue colored Patterns on Fabric
Different types of Textile Dyeing
What is Sublimation printing? Why is it so loved?
Nui Shibori- Stitched-Resist Shibori technique for dyeing fabric
Sublimation Vs. Screen Printing : Which is the best?
Arashi Shibori Fabric Dyeing technique : Tutorial
Stitch up a Double woven Bead chain : Tutorial
How to sew Sheer fabric Applique
Shibori Dyeing Technique
How to tie dye spirals on fabric
Stone wash jeans : How to Do-it-yourself at home.
Bandhani Prints and printing on fabrics
Cockade : 5 best and easy ways to make it
How to set dyes and color after Printing clothes & fabric {5 methods to keep the colors permanently fresh}
12 Best T-shirt printing methods
Jeweled neckline : Easy ways
Create your own easy T-shirt designs on Midjourney AI app (15 prompts to get you started)
Creating text t-shirt designs on Inkscape for heatpress vinyl printing
How to print on fabric with inkjet printer (A simple guide)
Heat Transfer Vinyl (And what I did with it on a t-shirt)
How to Dye Silk fabrics and dresses
How to stitch Embroidered neckline (and neck embroidery design ideas)
You want to use Acrylic Paints on Fabric? Here’s How!
10 Popular and Universal Christmas motifs for embroidery and fabric designs
Decorate Denim Jacket with painting and fabric collage
TASSELS (7 easy ways to make them)
Make your own fabric CLOTHING LABELS (2 easy ways)
Make gorgeous FABRIC BOWS (7 easy tutorials -3rd is my favorite)
Make Faux Chenille Fabric with Stitch and Slash Method
How to make Ribbon bows :7 easy DIY tutorials
Make your own Christmas Ornaments from fabric (8 Easy ideas)
Fabric Roses – 10 easy DIY tutorials
Applique letters: 3 best techniques for perfect applique alphabets
Make a Pom pom (8 Super Easy tutorials)
Ribbon Flowers (10 easy DIY tutorials)
Sewing Toys for Kids : 5 easy ones you can make in no time
Christmas Stocking : 10 ideas to make different types from the same pattern
How to tie a Christmas bow – 4 easy ways
10 types of Earrings made with Fabric & Yarn
DIY Fabric Baskets – A very easy way to make them
DIY Felt Rose (4 easy ways to make these roses)
How to make yarn from Old T-shirts – 2 super easy ways
2 DIY fabric Gift wraps (How to wrap your Gifts with any fabric)
How to Make Fabric Vegetables
Sew 10 Finger-Puppets for some Fun time with kids (make with Felt or any other fabric)
DIY Fabric Book Cover: Sew covers for all your books & keep them neat
Make a weaving loom with Cardboard
How to make Fabric Fruits : Strawberry, Cherry, Pear and Apple
Fabric Star tutorial : How to sew a STAR of your own
Easy to make DIY Phone Pouch – 3 Sewing Tutorials
Easy to Sew Christmas Gifts (10 sewing projects)
How to make a 4 Strand Braid
How to make a beaded cord : 2 ways
Make your own Bead covered Buttons : 4 ways
Make Braided Cord – with simple circular cardboard loom
Make a Boho Evil eye bracelet with Twine
Make your own Felted Beads
How to weave Beaded Tape on a loom
Easy way to make 5-STRAND BRAID with thread or yarn
How to make easy Earrings with Fabric, buttons & beads : 10 methods
5 easy ways to make Bracelets (Tutorial)
Types of Bracelets
Make Beaded Bracelets : 7 easy ways
5 Simple Designs for Beaded Tapes & How to make your own designs
Lark’s head knot :Tutorial
The Double Half Hitch Knot
Square knot :Tutorial
DIY Napkin Ring : 2 easy Tutorials with fabric and yarn
Make your own FABRIC BEADS
Make your own Kumihimo Braids
How to make a Fabric Wreath
DIY gifts you can make for Valentines day
Macramé : Basics of Decorative Knotting
Best Cords to use for Macrame
How much cord is needed for a Macrame project
How to make a Corsage out of fabric
DIY Bead Pendant
Different types of Seed beads
How to string beads on thread
15 popular T-shirt Printing Design ideas

Beading on clothes


Hand embroidery for beginners
How to do Phulkari embroidery – DIY tutorial
How to do beautiful Kutch Embroidery – Tutorial
Learn beautiful KANTHA hand embroidery work
Learn Sashiko hand embroidery – Beautiful Japanese embroidery design tutorial
50 must-know Embroidery Stitches for beginners
Perfect OUTLINE STITCH (Embroidery Stitching tutorials)
How to sew STEM STITCH & 3 beautiful variations
CHAIN STITCH Guide: 20 Variations and How to Stitch
Cable Chain Stitch: Embroidery stitching Tutorials
10 important Knot Stitches in Embroidery
How to do Kashmiri Stitch (Embroidery stitching tutorials)
How to do a Pistil Stitch (Embroidery stitching tutorials)
How to attach mirror to your clothes (9 ways)
EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEF- 4 Easy ways to make your own now!
Long and short embroidery Stitch {Tutorial}
Embroidering letters by hand & machine (9 ways for beginners)
BLANKET STITCH Stitch Guide: 11 Variations and How to Stitch
Running Stitch Embroidery – 9 variations that you can use.
Lazy Daisy stitch & 8 beautiful LAZY DAISY flowers you can embroider with it
Herringbone stitch & its 2 beautiful variations
Chikankari Embroidery – tutorial
25 beautiful ways to stitch EMBROIDERY FLOWERS
Transfer Embroidery designs on Fabric (10 Best ways)
Hand embroidery BORDER DESIGNS (25 easy to stitch ones)
Queen Stitch – Embroidery stitch Tutorial
How to do a Satin Stitch (by hand & by sewing machine)
Embroidery tools and materials (40+) you may need
Back Stitch Guide: Variations and How to Stitch
Four sided stitch : Embroidery sewing tutorial
BEAD EMBROIDERY stitches (Tutorials for 15 basic ones)
Couching Stitch : 4 ways to do this Embroidery
Fishbone Stitch : A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Feather stitch ( 4 variations ) Embroidery sewing tutorials
Smocking Fabric – Techniques and patterns (Beginner’s guide)
16 types of Needles for Hand sewing/Embroidery
55 Different types of BEADS for bead embroidery and jewelry making
How to Cross Stitch ( A Beginner’s guide)
Holbein Stitch / Kasuti embroidery stitch
Granitos Stitch
Blackwork embroidery – A beginner’s guide
Pattern Darning – A beginner’s Guide
Guidelines & Simple Placement rules for Monograms
Hoops, frames and other methods to stretch fabric for embroidery
Free motion Sewing Machine Embroidery – All you need to get started
Cutwork Embroidery (6 ways to do this beautiful work)
How to design embroidery – 10 great sources of inspiration
How to make a cross stitch pattern – 4 easy ways
Broderie Anglaise Embroidery
Paisley embroidery (10 easy designs)
Hardanger embroidery
Drawn thread embroidery – 2 methods
Beginner’s guide to Ribbon embroidery: 9 most commonly used stitches
10 Ribbon Embroidery Flowers with silk/satin ribbons (Tutorials)
60+ different types of HAND EMBROIDERY techniques
Design your CHICKEN SCRATCH EMBROIDERY Patterns with these 4 stitches
Fabrics used in Hand Embroidery
Rose Embroidery – 12 ways to make embroidered roses easily
Easy Hand embroidery designs for the lazy embroiderer
Best ways to turn a favourite PHOTO into an EMBROIDERY work
Make a Bullion Knot stitch & 3 easy bullion embroidery designs
Needle Painting – A simple guide to get started
6 of my favourite FILLING STITCHES in Embroidery
FRENCH KNOT Stitch Tutorial & its 5 uses in embroidery
Metallic threads used in embroidery (12 different types)
13 types of Hand Embroidery Threads
3D Embroidery Flowers (15 tutorials)
Monogram Design Ideas (5 simple ways to add them to fabric)
Rosette Chain Stitch
Embroidery Placement – Where to embroider on clothes, accessories and linen
Zardosi embroidery work – 10 stitches you can use to make stunning designs
Hand applique – 6 FAQ answered on hand sewing appliques
Pulled Thread Embroidery : 5 basic stitches used in this work
5 easy Chain Stitch Motifs
Cross Stitch variations (10 types)
5 Easy Chikankari Motifs for your next embroidery project
Ladder Stitch – 3 types (Step by step tutorial with pictures)
Pansies : 4 simple ways to recreate this flower on fabric
FLY STITCH :7 variations of this embroidery stitch
Bead Embroidery Flower motifs (10 easy DIY tutorials)
Background Hand embroidery stitches (create 10 beautiful textures)
BABY Embroidery design motifs (10 Easy to do designs)
Easy flower embroidery patterns (free) for clothes
Leaf embroidery : 15 different ways to embroider leaves
How to embroider Clothes – 9 steps to perfection
How to frame and display your embroidery work
Machine embroidery Basics – An overview for a beginner
T-shirt Embroidery : 2 ways to Change the look of your t-shirt
Hand embroidery edges (8 types)
Embroidered Jeans DIY Tutorial & 5 best positions for Jeans embroidery designs
What is Embroidery – An overview
Mirror work designs : 10 simple embroidery designs you can use on clothes
Butterfly Embroidery (10 ways to make beautiful designs & download)
Braid Stitch: 10 beautiful stitches that look like braids
How to embroider Simple Cross Stitch Flowers : 5 easy examples
White work embroidery : 15 hand embroidery techniques that come under this popular umbrella term
Arrowhead stitch : The many ways to work it in sewing
Machine Embroidery Softwares : Your top 5 choices (& 5 more)
5 easy Peacock and Peacock Feather Embroidery Designs
Redwork Embroidery
Small & cute Embroidery designs for Bed sheets & Pillowcovers
How to embroider with a home sewing machine ?
Swedish weaving aka Huckaback Embroidery
Mukeish Work
Tambour embroidery / Aari work
Star Embroidery Stitch : 7 ways
Cast on Stitch Embroidery : The best stitches
Brazilian Embroidery
Broderie Perse : The pretty patterned Applique technique
Embroidery Sampler : How to make one and why you should!
10 favourite Needlepoint Embroidery Stitches
Machine Cutwork Embroidery basics
Embroidered frame Pendants : 4 Easy designs
Gota Patti work
Variegated thread embroidery
Cross Stitch letters : Patterns for all alphabets
Indian Hand Embroidery techniques (8 popular ones)
Embroidering on Satin fabric
9 easy to stitch Bead Border embroidery designs
Silhouette Embroidery designs (Tips with Free downloadable patterns)
Easy Christmas Tree Embroidery designs

All about fabrics

Fabric Names in English (as a list)
Poplin Fabric: Characteristics, Uses, Advantages (Why It’s the Best Choice for shirts and other clothes)
SATIN Fabric : Uses, features & (12 types of satin)
Fleece Fabric Facts
Types of cotton fabric (120 examples)
Denim fabric : (Characteristics and different types)
25+ Different types of leather
What is Linen Fabric – 10 Frequently Asked Questions answered
What is TEXTILE?
Bridal material List – commonly used Wedding dress fabrics
Advantages of using Rayon Fabric for clothes (What is it made of and How it feels against you)
Bamboo fabric material (Here is what you should know)
Pashmina shawls (How to buy the real one)
How to buy fabric : (Important factors to consider)
Velvet Material – 12 types of this beautiful fabric
Stretchy fabrics used in sewing (5 that are the best)
Types of Silk fabrics to make your clothes
What is Chenille? How is it made ?
KNIT FABRIC – 12 main types to make clothes with
Fabric suitable for baby clothes & children’s clothes (13 types)
Different type of fibers (A list of Manmade & Natural textile Fibers)
Fabric Pattern Names :100+ different prints and patterns on fabrics
Paisley Pattern : The ever favourite Fabric Pattern revisited
20 types of STRIPES in dress materials
Checkered Pattern : 17 Best known types of Checks
Pile Fabrics Vs Napped Fabrics
10 Best Waterproof fabric & water resistant for sewing
Fabric finishes & treatments to enhance looks & qualities (70+)
What is Plaid ? : Plaid Vs Check Vs Tartan
What is brocade? This lustrous fabric with beautiful patterns.
25 types of Pattern Repeats in Fabric Designs
Textile Texture in Fashion designing
What is Spandex, Elastane & LYCRA®?
FABRIC WEAVES (20 important types)
Best fabrics for Shirts (10 types of favorite materials)
What is Muslin fabric? (10 Interesting uses)
What is Tulle ? 10 FAQ answered about this beautiful fabric
Textured fabrics for Sewing (A list of 30)
Fabric Testing : Burn Test for fibers and other methods of fabric identification and quality checking
A list of best 10 Thin Lightweight fabrics for dressmaking
Different Types of Net fabric
Organic & Eco friendly fabrics – 14 best Sustainable materials for the environment conscious
What is Felt Fabric? Types, Uses and making of the material
What is Wool fabric:12 properties of wool that makes it great
Types of Wool Fabric (A list of 39 names)
Types of lining material
Fabrics used for scarves
What is Nylon fabric ? Different types, features and Uses
What is Polyester Fabric?
10 Textile & Textile design Books that can make you a Fabric ‘Expert’
What is Silk ? (its properties) & How is it made ?
Burning test of silk to tell if it is real. Which silk to buy?
Animal Fibers : The 23 main types that turn into beautiful ANIMAL FABRIC
Top Textile Museums in the world and their websites for the die hard Fabric lover
Synthetic fabrics and the synthetic fibers that make them.
Indian Fabric prints : 19 fascinating fabric patterns found on Indian fabrics
10 best heavy weight and thick fabrics
Microfiber Fabric: 6 FAQ answered about this magic material
How is fabric made : 15 steps to transform Fiber to fabric
How is cotton made into fabric (Step by Step with pictures)
What is fabric?
Fabrics for Work out Clothes (for the best results)
Ikat Pattern, Weave and Dyeing on fabric
Fabrics used for Summer clothes ( Hot-weather friendly cloths)
How to buy Leather : 15 important questions to ask before you make the purchase
What is faux fur ? How is it different and Can it be made to look like fur?
What is Chiffon fabric?
Pre-Pleated Fabric : The process behind making Prepleated cloth & how to care for it
Shiny fabric names for dressmaking : Be that star!
Natural Fabrics : A list of 5 fabrics made from Natural fibers
What is Faux Leather : Different types & 15 important distinguishing properties
Knit Vs Woven : Main differences between these fabric types
Fabrics suitable for Sun (UV) protective clothing : 7 options to choose from
What is Denier in determining the quality of textile fibers
14 Most Absorbent fabrics
Handwoven Textiles : An overview
10 popular fabrics for sewing loungewear, casual dresses and tops
Open Weave Fabrics (The top 10)
Cheesecloth & why you may want to buy this
Organdy Fabric: Types, Characteristics, Uses, and sewing Tips
Acetate fabric
Acrylic material used for clothes : A comprehensive guide
What is Corduroy Fabric : (Tips for buying and sewing)
What is Canvas material ? 8 different types
Fabrics used for making upholstery (10 best ones)
Bonded Leather
Insulating Fabrics suitable for winter (cold weather)
Sewing with Sweater knit Fabrics (10 tips)
Different motifs on Batik Fabric & how they are made
What is Damask Fabric? What is it used for?
Voile fabric
Jute cloth & the Golden Fibre it is made of.
Different types of Woven Fabrics
Tweed Fabric
28 Common Motifs used in Indian Textiles
Animal Prints in Textiles (10 most popular ones)
What is yarn ? 28 different types of Yarns
Non-Woven fabrics : Different types
How is Wool made into fabric
Blended fabric (Definition, uses, advantages, and Different types)
How is Polyester made? (10 steps)
What is Twill weave? Different types of Twill Weave Fabrics
Different types of Fur
Why is Organic cotton better ?
15 Different types of Straw cloths
Plant fibers
Fabrics used for making Hats
Coated fabrics
Best fabrics for suits
Double cloth with a Double weave
Oil cloth fabric – features
Silk Vs. Rayon
Silk Vs. Satin
Polyester Vs Acetate – Which should you buy for clothes?
Polyester Vs. Nylon : Which one is better for clothes?
Different types of Textile Weaving Looms
Advantages & Disadvantages of Merino wool Fabric
How to choose Wool (fabric and yarn)
Different types of Metallic fabrics
Silk Dupioni Fabric
What is Raw Silk?
How is Linen made into fabric?
Fabric Weight
Slub fabric and its texture
Linen Vs Cotton : Which is your choice for clothes, painting and embroidery?
Linen Vs Silk : Similarities and Differences
What is Suede? Is it Leather?
Synthetic Faux-Suede material : Alternatives to Suede Leather
Manufactured fabrics & the fibers that make them
Wrinkle-free Fabrics : Are they real?
How to Waterproof your fabric : 5 ways that will help it to resist water
What is Organza Fabric : Properties, advantages and disadvantages
Sheer Fabric Types & the names we call these see through fabrics.
Is Polyester safe to wear? Is it a good dressmaking fabric?
Jersey Dress material : Explore the Different Types & its Versatility.
What is Plush or Minky fabric?
Wool Vs. Acrylic Fabric : Key differences {& which is better}
What is Modal Fabric?
Does Cotton Stretch?
Types of fabrics used for underwear
Get the most strongest and durable fabric out there
What is Sherpa material? {Real vs Faux Fabric Characteristics}
Spandex and Stretch (How to select the fabric for elasticity)
Selvage edge of fabric -6 FAQ answered
Best fabric for Pants, trousers & Jeans
Camouflage patterns in clothes and fabrics
Cotton as a dressmaking fabric: Benefits and how to know you have 100% cotton
Plain weave & the best of fabrics in this weaving type
Basketweave Fabrics
Warp & Weft of fabric & their role in weaving
What is GSM of fabric? 12 FAQ answered
What is Thread count : What is a good enough count for fabrics?
The Amazing History of Silk fabric
25 Different types of Rayon fabrics

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Author: Sarina Tariq
Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.
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    Found your site by researching waterproof fabrics. I am making a CLOTH shower curtain liner and wanted to know which product is best. I was hoping for nothing with plastic, POCs, PVCs, or coated with toxic sprays. Any suggestions?

    • Sarina
      Have read about PEVA which is polyethylene vinyl acetate and free from these harmful chemicals as in other waterproof curtain liner materials
  4. Judy Miller
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  5. Tess Golden
    I’m making rain hats and I’m looking for a medium weight water resistant nylon fabric that will hold it’s shape but also plyable Reply
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    I am looking for the best way to handle recycled rayon pieces (think Hawaiian shirts) into a dress. I have never worked with rayon. Would using starch be a good way to stabilize while cutting & sewing? Should the seams be finished in some way, such as serging? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! pjstitches! Reply
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  16. Susan

    Hello – Would you be able to provide a pattern for a bias cut long nightgown sleeveless, maybe with spaghetti straps? Also can you give me an idea of how much fabric is needed? I’m about size 12 US and 5’5″ tall.
    Thank you

  17. Carol Park

    am 84, and have been sewing since I was 9 years old.
    BUT you can always learn new and interesting things.
    I am looking forward to learning more,, on your website.

    • Sarina

      Hi Carol
      That is a long time sewing. You must know lots. So nice to connect with you.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Paulette J Bergman
      Hi, Carol! I’m a young 70 and have had a needle in my hand since I was 4. Isn’t it wonderful? I, too, always read anything that comes to hand; you never know when it may be something new to you or make your flashbulb pop. Hope to hear back from you. pj stitches!
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    I have a low shank snap on Brother XR9550PRW.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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    Just stumbled on this site and signed up for emails. Fantastic wealth of resources and information! Thank-you!
    I have a question….. I love the shorts with the fitted front and elasticized back but I don’t care for the zipper. Is there a way I can make them as pull ons?

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    I make my own clothes, bags etc – some of them for somewhat unique functions; I am in a wheelchair, and regularly have to build new bags that are suspended under the chair, but – as stated, i do my own clothes etc as well.
    Recently, i am having a lot of trouble getting suppliers to supply the materials i need.
    Is there any chance that you can direct me to some standard specifications and terminology for a variety of materials – including very strong, tough, water proof materials that are durable.
    I am hoping that if i can get hold of the standard specifications as used by the suppliers, i will have a better chance to actually receive the resources i need, rather than having to repeatedly return most of what they send me. If i can speak their “language” weaves, strengths, thickness etc.
    do you know where i can find such information, preferably in pdf format, but anything that helps wold be good.

    Many thanks,

    • Sarina

      Hi Zed
      I will keep this in mind and email you when I find it

  25. Judy Chaffee
    I painted on fabric and would like to embroider words using my embroidery machine. The Viking people were no help knowing is it possible to do without damaging the machine and what process should I use. Can you help? Thanks Reply
    • Sarina

      Hi Judy
      Textile artists do this all the time – it will not damage your machine as far as I know, unless you sew over super thick paint and you tax your machine too much. You need soft fabric paint done without it being too thick on the surface. If the the paint is too thick the machine may refuse to move and you may also get holes. Don’t use puff paints or dimensional paints. But otherwise it should be fine. Ensure that painted surface has dried fully for one week or even more. Use a cut away stabilizer on the back and embroider. Hope this is what you were looking for. Here is the page on painting on fabric.

  26. Shallu
    wow, you are such an expert with clothing, fabrics and all kinds of designs. Hats off to you! Even a novice like me who could not even hold a needle properly can now claim that stitching and embroidery are a hobby to me. Reply
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      Hi Shallu
      Thanks for the appreciative comment. I am so glad this website has helped you

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