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Burgundy color combinations in fashion

Different shades closer to Burgundy color and how to pair the color burgundy with other colors that complement it the best, when selecting clothes.
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Burgundy is a deep, rich red-brown color with a hint of purple. This color is what you can wear if you want to look sophisticated. And powerful! Won’t you love to look mysterious and in control?

Why should You wear Burgundy?

Burgundy is a color of sophistication – is that reason enough? It is, for me. It is a good color to represent power with opulence. It gives a vibe of maturity and stability.

For women’s clothing it is also a color of sensuality. It is a color that touches on romance with a big hint of “sexy”. Just imagine a burgundy satin or velvet color gown, a la Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind (1939). You can view an image of the actress wearing the burgundy gown -Stunning!

And in fashion, the sophisticated and elegant appeal of the color is usually used to the full advantge, as power suits, sweaters, pants and for accessories. Which reason do you have to choose burgundy?

Because it is # (No.1) Sophisticated # Energetic and intense

# Rich, opulent and luxurious

# Refined and elegant
# Powerful and authoritative. Enough???

Burgundy is used in corporate attire as a color of authority, high status and elegance. In burgundy colored clothing, you look like a woman in control, as I already said.

If you like alternate fashion styles, you will find burgundy in a lot of them – for eg. dark burgundy is often associated with the Dark Academia aesthetic. As a deep earthy color, it is also used a lot in bohemian clothes.

Different shades of Burgundy

Burgundy color as such is a deep shade of red-brown color. But there are many shades of the color that closely resemble burgundy and match its depth and versatility.

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  1. Maroon
  2. Wine
  3. Merlot
  4. Red berry
  5. Bordeaux
  6. Sangris
  7. Claret
  8. Japanese Carmine

Which colors goes well with burgundy color for clothes

Burgundy works really well with neutral shades like grays, blacks, browns, and tans . The boldness of the color is balanced among the neutral shades. If you are looking for a good conservative color combination, any of them would do. Grey and burgundy is a favourite among men as a pant-shirt combo.

White color with burgundy

This is my favourite. As always white is a favourite. And with a dark deep color like, burgundy, for sure.
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Cream colors and burgundy

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The dullness of a beige outfit is offset by the vivid burgundy and it enhances the color. More power to those creams.
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Black and Burgundy

Shades of Black and burgundy together makes a very chic, sophisticated combination.
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Burgundy and gold

As a warm color, the richness of burgundy shines when it is worn with gold. If you like an opulent look, that is.
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Burgundy and Purple

Purple and all its shades are good combinations with burgundy. Both the colors have the same undertone and forms a harmonious combination. Lavendar, light pink and such pastel shades can also work with burgundy.

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Burgundy colored clothes in fashion history

Burgundy is a place in France and it has connotation to wine produced there. The color is named after the deep reddish purple color of the wine.

But the history of the color goes way back. Tyrian purple dye is a reddish-purple natural dye that was discovered in the 1200 BCE by ancient Phoenicians. This must be when burgundy color began to be used in clothes.

Throughout history burgundy color is associated with nobility and royals. Rich burgundy colors gowns and cloaks were used by people of wealth, power, and prestige.

Who can wear Burgundy? Does it suit you?

Burgundy is a shade that complements both warm skin tone and cool skin tone. You get burgundy by mixing red with a bit of green and blue. So there is something for the warm colors and something for the blues.

Other burgundy color combinations based on the color theory

Tetradic colors

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Tetradic colors of burgundy are shades of green and shades of blue including Teal.

Complemetary colors

Complementary colors of burgundy shades are teals and blues.
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Analogous colors

Analogous colors are those that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel and share similar undertones. Deep purple, plum, Maroon, crimson are analogous colors of burgundy. These colors have a warm and earthy vibe.
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These colors together form a cohesive and visually pleasing color palette and can be used for fabric patterns, accessories etc.

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