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What are boyfriend jeans? What can you wear with it?

Definition of boyfriend jeans and the best way to wear one
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If you are obsessed with jeans as many of us are, you will not be surprised at all the names that jeans take after – after all, you have been through your girlfriend jeans, mom jeans, dad jeans and whatnot; so obviously, you are not surprised when the boyfriend jeans take off and become the latest fashion in-thing.

Anyways, Boyfriend jeans are not that much different from these styles. And in the comfort meter scale, this one is at the top. Fit of this jeans is the epitome of casualness.

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Boyfriend jeans refer to women’s jeans with a comfortable and relaxed fit along the legs, with a higher rise, straight-cut legs, and snug fit at the hips. They may look loose and baggy when compared to the skin tight varieties but when you wear them, they sit snugly on your waist and hip, without losing an ounce of comfort.

The boyfriend jeans, as you call it, were all the rage in the 1970s. The skinny jeans tsunami kept this style hidden for some time. From Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna, several celebrities have aced the boyfriend jeans.

Nowadays, there are numerous variations available in the basic boyfriend jeans style. Some are slimmer than usual, some are more slouchy in the back, some are cropped and some have a straight leg. In fact, any jeans that look more fitted than the wide leg and less fitted than the straight leg, are mid-rise to high on the waist are boyfriend jeans.

Why are boyfriend jeans called so?

Ofcourse, because they look like you have worn your boyfriend’s jeans. They are designed to mimic the appearance of jeans that have been borrowed or “stolen” from a boyfriend.

There must be instances when all you want is to feel at ease and care-not about fashion trends and the best thing then is to borrow the larger fit jeans you will find among your boyfriend’s clothes – I mean, this must be the sentiment that started the trend. Today every one prefers the super comfy boyfriend jeans, even the ones without a boyfriend.

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Can boyfriend jeans make you look fat and broad?

Just because it is comfortable, it does not mean that you need to look sloppy or broad.

Boyfriend jeans should fit nicely without being skin tight, like many jeans are. It is better to not compromise on the fit across the waist or hips. Insist on getting boyfriend jeans that fit comfortably across waist and hips.

It is when the size is not right that the look can turn sloppy and careless.

What to wear with boyfriend jeans? How to style Boyfriend jeans so that you do not look sloppy?

If you want to look good in your boyfriend jeans, the secret lies in the fit. It should fit correctly on the waist and hips.

There are plenty of ways to style boyfriend jeans. From t-shirts to  crop tops, turtlenecks, cropped hoodies, halter tops, corset tops to mini cardigans, everything looks good with boyfriend jeans. But the one clothing that looks best is a fitting white t-shirt. It is better to go the route of ‘effortless style’ with boyfriend jeans -tshirts, sneakers, minimal jewelery.

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And you have to wear it with fitting tops. It’s better to have your top fit closely to your body or closely tucked in to maintain your shape. Too many baggies on the upper part may not look good with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

If you are young wear boyfriend jeans with crop tops or bralettes or a slightly loose top which is short.

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Or a shirt or t-shirt which is tucked in.

Belts pair very well with boyfriend jeans if you are wearing a short top or a tucked-in one. You can go for wide leather belts for a cinched-in waist.

Short jackets look stylish with boyfriend jeans. They can be denim or leather. For footwear, go for loafers, boots, sneakers, or pumps.

What type of body does the boyfriend jeans look best on?

The best thing about boyfriend jeans is that it suits all body types, provided you choose the correct type that fits your bodyshape. The boyfriend jeans is suited for a person with wider thighs because the loose fit of the legs hides the thickness and width of the thighs. Contrarily, it also suits some one who has a top-heavy type bodyshape, as its straight cut balances the disproportion in the figure.

If you are petite go for slim-cut boyfriend jeans which does not flare too much at the hem. The low waist style can give you the curves, breadth, and shape you want. A wider leg can overwhelm your small size.

If you are generous on the thigh area, go for a style that fits snugly on the hip and goes down to a straight leg. Too tight, and the thighs will be extra emphasized. If you are broader at the hips, choose a high-waisted boyfriend jeans.

If you have a boyish figure, you can buy those slouchy wider-crotch loose-fitting boyfriend jeans and get by.

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